Thursday, March 31, 2011

Now, a Flex Touchscreen Demonstrated

You’ve obviously seen and used the standard touchscreen which can be panned and swiped. However, at Interaction 2011, researchers from the Osaka University showed off a touchscreen that flexes!


The researchers tried out this new flex-ing touchscreen with Google Maps at the conference. The content on the screen acts the way any flexible material would. Therefore, each time you would pan, swipe the screen will flex into a corner making way for the next screen you would open.
The researchers claimed that unlike normal situations wherein it would get cumbersome to keep opening multiple windows and keep going back to the previous windows, with the flex touchscreen the minimized window will still remain pushed in a corner, ready to be maximized again. This touchscreen interface is compatible to use on multiple platforms due to the ease of transferring the software to any device like the iPod, iTouch and on huge screens, too. 
Touchscreen interfaces can now be expected to have better zoom preference, i.e pinch to zoom and flex effect.


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