Monday, November 8, 2010

World's Fastest DX11 GPU.

According to various sources and with Asus jumping the gun, we now have a fair amount of information on Nvidia’s new offering in the GPU market. With impressive specs and a new cooling solution to boot, the “GTX 580” looks very promising indeed.


Will blow your mind....buts its gonna cost ya

According to semiaccurate.coms's grab from the Asus website , the specs are as follows:
GPU clock frequency: 775 MHz
CUDA clock frequency: 1544 MHz
Memory clock frequency: 4008 MHz
Memory interface: 384-bit
Memory buffer: 1536 MB
Memory bandwidth: 192.4 GB/s
Texture fillrate: 49.4 GTexel/s
But the most fascinating thing is the brand new cooling system which will be employed for the “GTX 580”. The way it works is that water sealed within the chamber gets boiled by the copper plate, which forces it to transfer heat away to the bits that are being cooled by the fan. This is where it cools down and recycles itself back to the boiling plate. Nvidia says this brings down the noise level down by about 7 decibels when compared to the GTX 480. This cooling tech is very similar to Shuttle’s very own ICE CPU Cooler.
Nvidia put up quite a show while announcing the GPU. The Director of Technical Marketing, Tom Peterson gave the audience a stunning new tessellation video with the help of a 'Aliens vs Triangles' demo as well as a segment of gameplay from Call of Duty: Black Ops which was powered by the GPU.
The expected price for the “GTX 580” should be around the $500-$550 mark. Expect more information and analysis as it comes in.


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