Monday, November 8, 2010

A new virus affecting terminal Android !!!

Kaspersky has identified a new virus on one of the most popular smartphone operating systems, IOS competitor: Google Android.

The name of the virus is "Trojan-SMS" and can hit all the terminals with operating system Android. To spread the trojan, the crackers are using Russian-language porn sites that appear in the top results in searches on various engines, once entered, any user, on any platform, are invited to download some content, but as for other file is correct, Android users will be sent the virus.
The trojan is disguised as a media player (called pornplayer.apk) into believing that a file is essential to view porn videos on the site. When installing the player on Android, the user is asked for consent to send SMS messages. If this consent is given (no, the installation is successful) and you start the application, the trojan starts sending SMS to a premium-rate number, the user's knowledge. Imagine that each message costs $ 6!
In short, the Trojans are invading smarpthone too, but at the moment, while we have already seen two Android on IOS, with some experiment expert hacker, we are still safe, especially if you have not done the jailbreak.


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