Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Control Your Android Phone Via Your PC Wirelessly!

Android-based phones are taking the market by storm. These next-generation smartphones are well within reach and are far more practical, equally productive, and way cheaper than the iPhone. These phones can be very beneficial for work when you are away from the office. However, when you get back to your desk, there are times when you need to sync your phone content, or use particular apps on the phone itself. But as most Android phone owners agree, the usability of smartphones tends to get cumbersome since the screen size seems smaller than usual and operating the phone gets awkward. Most computers nowadays are connected using wireless networks, and smartphones can access the WLAN with great ease.

Connect wirelessly

We show you a few simple applications which can be used over the Wi-Fi network to help you transfer data, type text, or control your Android phone directly from the computer. The respective applications can be downloaded directly on your Android based phones via the Android Market application. Alternatively, you can search the applications using Google and a QR Code would be available which can be use for downloading the application on your mobile phone using a bar code scanner app from the Android Market.
WebSharing Lite
You need to transfer data to or from your mobile phone urgently, but you have forgotten your phone’s USB cable at home. What do you do? WebSharing Lite is simple application that helps you upload or download files, be it music, videos, documents or applications directly to and from your phone using Wi-Fi. Simply download the application from the Android Market and start the service.

No cable? No worries

Open any web browser on the PC and type in the URL given on the mobile phone’s screen and enter the necessary authentication details. The browser will detect your phone and display the folders of your mobile phone, allowing you to download/upload files directly without the need of a USB cable. You can also create folders, and cut, copy, paste and rename files and folders, allowing you to manage the data on your phone’s memory card.
Wi-Fi Keyboard
We bet typing on your capacitive touchscreen-based smartphone is a painful task. Though there are third-party keyboards which feature haptics or leaning words and even auto-complete, they are no match for typing on a physical keyboard. But what is better than an actual full-sized QERTYY computer keyboard? Well, you can use your computer’s keyboard to enter text on your mobile phone using a wireless network. Download the WiFi Keyboard application from the Internet and run it once. The message on the screen will instruct you to set the default input method of the phone to WiFiKeyboard from the phone’s ‘Settings | Locale and Text’.


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