Monday, October 25, 2010

Google Android's Gingerbread Update Coming Soon!!!!!!!

Google Android's Gingerbread Update Coming Soon

Would be an incremental update to current Android Froyo 2.2



Google has done it again. It has surprised everyone who thought they could crack Google's nomenclature and versioning rules. Following the current Android Froyo 2.2 update, the next major release was rumored as Gingerbread (version 3.0). However, AndroidCentral guys spotted a reply by Android Security Engineer in Google Android Code Issues thread that stated Android 2.3 is a "major release" and this patch will be available then.
Next major Google Android released version 3.0 has been reportedly dubbed as Gingerbread. But before that update arrives, several patch family updates succeeding Froyo 2.2 would be released by Official Android Project Developers. Google Android's "issues" repository carried a Wi-Fi related bug problem thread. In that thread, Android Project Member stated:
"Yes, Android 2.3 is a "major release", and this patch will be available then."
So it's obvious that the Android 2.3 release will be available soon but it's still not clear whether it would be called Gingerbread or something else. But the emphasis on "major release" has surely got us interested.
We did report about Android 3.0 version in works and specific details like at least a 1GHZ CPU, 512MB RAM and a 3.5-inch or larger display (1280x760) were listed too. The Gingerbread update was rumored to be released by the end of this year or early next year.
As of now, it's unclear whether Android 2.3 is Gingerbread update. Google Developers write their own rules to name any update. Watch the official Android Developer video that shows the arrival of Gingerbread Effigy at Google office.


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