Friday, September 24, 2010

Top 5 Business Apps For Android

The Android Market boasts of over 100,000 apps, and more than a billion downloads, but not all of them might be useful. So, here’s a list of the most important business apps I feel you can’t do without, or will definitely need for better decision-making. All the applications featured here are tested on my Motorola Milestone and available in the Android Market. Also, do add your comments if you feel I have missed out on any important apps.
1) Documents To Go
      Price- Available as Free and Premium Versions ($19.99 or Rs.930)

DataViz used to originally provide Office Documents support only for age-old handhelds and Palm OS.  It sure was a long while ago and has now matured and is available on almost all mobile platforms. As is the norm, Documents To Go supports Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe PDF files on your Android-powered smartphone.  You can use it to view, edit and create Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, as well as view Adobe PDF files. The latest version has complete support for Office 2007 and 2010 for major formats such as docx, xlsx, pptx and so on, with support for multiple languages as well. It is available in both free and premium editions. The difference between the two is that in the free version you can only view documents not create or edit them, while in the premium you can.






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