Sunday, August 29, 2010

How to: Send Links From Google Chrome To iPhone.

Google added a very useful function in Android , a new extension of Google Chrome allows you to send links to your iPhone with one click. you will be simply able to send links, location, Google Maps , Youtube videos and etc. directly to your iPhone.

The extension is very simple to install and use, here is the steps:
Step 1: Download extension from here.
Step 2: Install the extension on Google Chrome.
Step 3: Go to the options of Google Chrome to iPhone then add your iOS device by typing in the URL shown on Chrome to your iPhone Safari (URL is unique), then follow instructions.
Step 4: Done, You will see Chrome icon on your iPhone home screen.
Note: You have to make the previous steps one time, whenever you want to send any link to you iPhone, just click iPhone extension button in Google Chrome, you will get a confirmation that the link has been sent to your iPhone, then go to the Chrome icon on your iPhone home screen to open the link.


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