Thursday, June 3, 2010

No Nimbuzz for Windows Mobile starting July 1


Nimbuzz has announced that it would no longer be developing its IM client for Windows Mobile based devices. In a blog post on the official company blog, Nimbuzz says that starting July 1, the Windows Mobile version of the IM client will no longer  be available for download on the Nimbuzz website. They add that should you already be using Nimbuzz on the platform, support for the app will continue till end-2010. There will be no feature additions or updates from the current version of the client.
According to Nimbuzz, the decision to stop development on the app was due to "platform limitations" and because the application was not delivering a great mobile experience like on all the other mobile operating systems. With Microsoft too concentrating on the upcoming Windows Phone 7 platform, it seems news like these will arrive with increasing frequency in the months to come.
It is unclear if Nimbuzz will come up with a version of its client for Windows Phone 7 devices.


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