Thursday, February 11, 2010

Windows Mobile 7 Might Offer Free Navigation


Here we go again. The Mobile World Congress 2010 (MWC) is almost here and the rumor mills have started to go berserk with Windows Mobile 7 news already! The new Mobile OS from Microsoft is expected to be showcased at the MWC and there's rising anticipation regarding it.
The latest string of Windows Mobile 7
rumors include the one that says it might come loaded with free Navigation Software

. This would make it quite competitive against Symbian and Android - both of which now offer free Navigation software - Nokia with Ovi Maps and Google with Google Maps. Google Maps Navigation, however, works only in U.S. Ovi Maps, on the other hand, works globally.
This information is also told to be fairly credible and is not just a rumor. Anyway, we would like to treat it with the usual skepticism till we have confirmation. There is also a report that Windows Mobile 6.x will continue to be shipped alongside Windows Mobile 7 - albeit as a free OS for low-end smartphones.


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