Wednesday, January 20, 2010

cleanRAM 1.93


Requirements: WindowsMobile 2003 SE or later, HD2 is now supported
Overview: One solution when your PDA slows down is to reset (reboot) and the another is to use cleanRAM. Welcome to a world without Soft Rest !!

What's new in this release:
New Feature:
 Windows Mobile 6.5 official ROM (HTC HD2 device) now supported
   (WM6.5 "DateTime" format fixed).
 Another way to add process(es) to exceptions list. Now you can add 
   exceptions through file (exceptions.ini), just create a new file with the name
"exceptions.ini" then edit this file and add your process(es) name(s) include
the symbol != before every process name. For more information read the
 New registry key (exceptionFile) added, this key will you define the name of
   the exceptions file (Default: "exceptionFile=exceptions.ini").
 cleanRAM icons (128x128) changed.
 New option in the "Exceptions List" feature added - now you can select 
   between "Running Processes" to "Startup Shortcuts", it's mean that you can 
   add processes also from "Startup" folder (when using "Launch Startup
   Programs" setting). 
   Notice that only if the "Launch Startup Programs" setting (from settings menu)
   is checked you will able to use the "Startup Shortcuts" option (from
   exceptions list).
   Resolved Issues:
 Schedule date/time (culture) format auto find fixed (new registry key
"schedulingDateTimeFormat" added).
 cleanRAM loading faster.
 Fix the issue with landscape resolution.
 Fix the issue with Rhodium Phone Canvas.
 Fixed bugs reported by the users community.
   Language Updates:
 New strings for language file added:
   ThisOptionWorksWithLaunchStartupChecked = "This option works only when 
   Launch Startup Programs setting (from settings menu) is checked"
   StartupFolderShortcuts = "Startup Shortcuts"
 Languages files added to cab file (last update: 14/11/09)




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