Friday, September 4, 2009

Business-Professional Ringtone Collect.

Requirements: wav or mp3 compatibility
Overview: Professional ringtones for (not only) business men´s and women. Real-, Future-, Voice-, etc. ringtones that are sounding like ringtones and not like dogs barking. Recorded in a real Sound Studio!

You would like to sound your high-tech mobile phone, smartphone or even your pocket-pc like a high-tech equipment and not like a toy or a song player when a call is incoming?

Here it is, a collection of 180+ sounds, specially recorded in a REAL SOUND STUDIO. No ordinary Sound Effects like dogs barking, full songs, etc.

Ringtones in the Business-Professional Ringtone Collection are including:

* Real Ringtones (including analog and digital real phones)
* Future Ringtones (in 20 years, all phones will ring like this)
* Melody Ringtones (a short but noticeable melody ringing)
* Voice Ringtones for assigning to Callers (e.g. Business Call, Private Call, High Priority, etc. (your device should support caller-id)
* Notification Sounds and also Voice Notifications (e-mail incoming, etc.) for e.g. SMS, MMS, e-mail notifications

All well sorted in categories, ready to use.



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