Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pointui Home 2 pro

Requirements: WM5/WM6.
Overview: Pointui Home lets you take back control of your device! No need to fumble for a stylus anymore as Pointui Home is designed with generously sized controls.
Home's intuitive controls and highly responsive user interface makes using your device a breeze.

Pointui Home is free, but if you like it you can make a donation to the author.

Here are some key features of "Pointui Home":

· Control your device via touch or your thumb with the directional control
· Smart Lists Navigation with bookmarks allows you to easily locate an item in even the largest lists
· Choose the slide navigation that suits you
· One touch access to calls, email, text messages and music
· Easily see who and when calls were received, made and missed
· Using the Applet Ribbon you can easily access the time, tasks, appointments, calendar and up to date weather forecasts and current temperatures
· Easily manage your sound, wireless, battery and device settings
· Easy create new emails, text messages, multimedia messages, tasks, appointments, documents and spreadsheets
· Load and switch between running applications effortlessly.

What's new in Pointui Home 2 Free Build v2.1.06c:
[ADDED] Feature: Option to set size of LargeImagesFileMapThreshold, see ... post-22872
[ADDED] Customization: Show Script Errors option (default Off)
[FIXED] Update Folders icon information for Favourite Applications in the user XML when installing an upgrade
[ADDED] Consolidate builds so we distribute Pro that runs as Free until activated.


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