Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pencil Box Deluxe v3.64

Requirements: Pocket PC 2002 or higher
Overview: Ever thought about drawing with pencils while travelling by train? Now it is possible - Pencil Box Deluxe allows you to draw almost everywere! The only requirement is your Pocket PC and possibility to switch it on! (Don't draw under waterfall or while driving your car
* Extremely simple - suitable even for children! Now you can lock the Pencil Box Deluxe - set exit password and give it to your child! To exit Pencil Box, one will have to enter the password, so you can let your children draw with your Pocket PC without any supervision and without risk that they will damage any important information you store in Pocket PC.
* Real pencil drawing effect.
* 8 (eight) pencils to draw with. You can select a color for each pencil!
* 6 (six) pages to draw on. Ultra-fast page switching!
* 5 (five) slots for easy pencil boxes changing/saving.
* Different pencil sizes for precize drawing.
* Different pressure settings.
* BIGGER color palette.
* Save As feature - save your drawings to separate files!
* Fifteen paper textures to choose from.
* Eraser to make corrections to your work.
* Ability to hide all the controls from the screen - use the entire area!
* Auto-save of all your work.


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